1Dossier is an ecosystem that includes a multilingual marketplace to simplify Clients applications with Income Verification, Video KYC, AML, CTF and PEP, Candidate screening, Compliance Management, Digital Contract Signature and Online Payment all within RGPD compliance in a fully encrypted cloud infrastructure.


Reduce property rental costs.

Ultimate customer experience while verifying and securely streamlining data exchange between Tenants, Agents, Agencies and Owners within GDPR requirements.


Simple and fast leasing process.

From search to pre-qualification & eligibility with instant KYC and Salary verification and ‘One Click’ application and approval to lease signature and payment.


Reduced risks and Instant booking

Greater student experience with a “One Click” apply on a multilingual platform that reduces the cost of processing applications with instant Student KYC.

The regulatory environment for Real Estate Agencies, Affordable Housing and Student Housing Accommodations are continually evolving.

New demands are being placed on compliance to validate and provide checks such as: 

  • Know Your Customers (KYC)
  • Anti Money Laundering (AML)
  • Politically Exposed People (PEP)
  • Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF)
  • Income Source and income validation
  • Criminal Background checks
  • Credit Reports

1Dossier provides the complete solution so your organization can adopt new measures without becoming a burden.