1Dossier is designed to simplify the tenancy application process…

Tenants can fill-up an application form in their own language ONCE and apply for as many rentals as they want without having to start from the beginning again and again. 1Dossier is FREE and the tenants can close their account at any time.

Why Tenants Use 1Dossier

  • COMPLETE THE FORM ONCE ONLY and apply for as many rentals as they want without having to fill in new forms.
  • No more big emails to send with multitudes of attached documents that get lost or do not pass.
  • They can modify their personal data in real time with an automatic update sent instantly to the agent.
  • Simplify their life and save time.
  • Tenants get faster answers from the Agents.

  • They can apply on the spot at the property inspection using their mobile.
  • Their personal data is encrypted and only available to the people they are sharing it with.
  • Tenants can apply for a rental guarantee. 
  • Tenants have no limit to the number of rental properties they can apply to.
  • They can close their account whenever they want and everything is immediately deleted.

Why is it free for the tenants?

Real estate agencies pay to use 1Dossier which saves them a lot of time to find the right tenants faster.

Why tenants get faster answers?

By using 1Dossier, they provide the Real Estate Agent with all the information they need to process their application with ONE SIMPLE FORM. As a result, the Agent can process their application faster.

What if the tenant needs a guarantee?

If the tenant is required to provide a guarantee, they can use one of 1Dossier partners. Their guarantee is automatically submitted with all their documents.